Jyväskylän Meininki DVD

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A documentary about a city, its punks, their ideology and their philosophy of freedom.
Jyväskylän meininki: A punk documentary is a one-hour long documentary movie focusing on the history
and the present of the punk scene in Jyväskylä, central-Finland, featuring interviews by some of the most
crucial and iconic members of the Finnish punk scene. The documentary was created using DIY ethics, by
people with no experience in making films, but with a burning passion for their city, its people and its
history, and for creating things outside of the industries.
Jyväskylän meininki covers the story of the punks in Jyväskylä from the beginning to this day, from 1977 to
2016. It gives a voice to the pioneers as well as the newer generation of musicians, the zine-makers, the
anarchist organizers and even the bad guys of the punk scene: the local police force.

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